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Gresswell LFC merge

Great news!

We wanted to tell you some exciting news about LFC.

From the beginning of May LFC will be combined into a single brand with Gresswell, the UK's number one library supplier, giving you access to hundreds of more products for your library and reading corner.

You can get all your established favourites, and more - including library furniture, learning resources, and reading area solutions that make it easier for students to learn.

We know it might feel like a big change so we have put together a short list of question and answers below. If you can't find the answers you are looking for or need further help please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

• What does this mean for my online LFC account?

 All your LFC account history, past orders, and login details will seamlessly move into Gresswell. You’ll be able to login to with your LFC account name and password, see all your LFC account history, and place new orders without a hitch. We’ll let you know when this is completed. 

• Can I still buy my favourite LFC products?

Yes! Not only can you buy all your favourites, you now have hundreds of more products to choose from that are suitable for your primary school. You can find all the products your library needs (including all your LFC favourites) on the Gresswell website here. You can also order by phone 01992 454511, email, post or fax

• Can I still contact customer service if I have any questions?

Yes, our friendly customer service team are always happy to help. Reach us at 01992 454511 with any questions you have, or if you want to order by phone. 

• When does this merge happen?

You’ll be able to get all your goods from Gresswell from May 2nd.

If you have further questions our friendly customer services team are always happy to help simply dial 01992 454511. 

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