Create an exciting classroom reading corner

Turn your library into the creative hub of the school

A dedicated reading space in the classroom serves as a constant reminder for children to pick up a book and read. Reading Corners create a physical space, set apart from the rest of the classroom, where attention can be focused on reading and stories whether it is used for individual, one-to-one or group reading.

Reading is fun and a comfortable, inviting, well-stocked reading corner is instrumental in helping children discover a love of books, shaping their long-term attitude towards reading.

Whether you are planning a brand new Reading Corner or just want to revamp your current space, we have some helpful tips.

5 tips for designing a cosy classroom reading corner

#1 Book Storage: Books can be stored in different ways and a variety of storage options allow books to displayed in various ways. Kinderboxes on castors give flexibility of layout and allow children to browse through books. Bookcases allow books to be displayed face-on to catch children’s attention. Choose bookcases with adjustable shelves to accommodate all sizes of books. Alternatively Spinners provide volume storage without taking up too much floor space. Where budgets are tight Wire Wall Racks are cost effective and can accommodate various sizes of books. Don’t forget about storage for big books!
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#2 Seating: Bean bags, large floor cushions, tub chairs and child sized sofas are popular options and add to making the reading corner inviting. Animal and character cushions can be used to give your reading corner a  theme such as under the seas or jungle. Cushions sets provide seating for the whole class which can be neatly stored away when not in use.
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#3 Posters & Graphics: Posters promoting the fun and importance of reading add to the attraction of your reading corner. Pick a mixture of author profiles, popular characters and inspirational reading quotes that appeal to your class. Why not create a board where they can stick notes letting people know why they love books.
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#4 Carpets: Add colour and interest with a carpet or rug. Carpets also provide seating for larger groups.
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#5 Accessories:Don’t forget the little things! Shelf markers make your book collection easy to browse for pupils. Books ends and easels keep everything neat and tidy whilst tabletop displayers increase capacity without taking up too much space.
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